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Three Good Reasons to Obtain a Pilot's License

William Seegmiller

Having earned more than $150 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients during his 35-year career as an attorney, William Seegmiller specializes in helping injured persons and their families. Today William Seegmiller is focusing more on philanthropy, while in his leisure time he enjoys aviation, holding a pilot's license and owning his own aircraft. Obtaining a private pilot's license can be incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways.

1. It makes travel more efficient. Air travel can be a hassle, between luggage requirements, long security lines, and rampant delays and cancellations. For shorter flights the speed and convenience of private air travel is unmatched, and pilots can also fly into small, uncrowded airports at their leisure.
2. It's a wise career move. When seeking employment, holding a pilot's license can open up many doors. Not only is it an impressive accomplishment, it shows a certain amount of responsibility and intelligence, including problem-solving and mathematical skills. It is also the first step to being a commercial pilot, or to moving cargo as an air transport pilot.
3. It can be a way to help others. For families dealing with chronic illness, long-distance travel can be incredibly difficult. Today, many private pilots donate their time to help non-critical patients to travel for medical treatment. Pilots for Patients is one such non-profit enlisting those with a pilot's license to help those in need.

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